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Building community through compassion, connection, and support.

Coaching Sessions

include a multitude of topics, with the option to request more!


Exhaling to Breathe Again

Coming Soon


Is a 4-session coaching program to support participants in identifying the inception of negative thinking and the impact to their identity, self-esteem, and self-worth. 

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem 


The Treasures of Singlehood 

Is a 4-session coaching program that dispels the myth that single hood equates to loneliness in order to embrace

the treasures of singlehood.


Reclaiming Your Voice 

Is a 4-session coaching program where the art of poetry is used to allow each participant 

to identify and express their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment. You are a voice in this world and we will empower you to own your narrative. 


Understanding Consent

Is a 2-session training program for junior high/high school and college students to support their understanding of consent and their right to say "no".

Social-Emotional Learning with JH and HS Students

Is a 2-session training program for junior high and high school students to equip them in understanding, managing, and expressing their thoughts and emotions. 

Creating a Safe Space 

Creating A Safe Space is 2-day training for college students to learn about sexual violence on college campus' and the impact of trauma. The students will be provided a framework to develop a peer support group to include walking female students home who feel unsafe or afraid.

Healthy Relationships

Is a 2-session training program to support junior high/high school and college students as they develop a sense of their identity while navigating peer and romantic relationships. 

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