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There is Love in the Process

If I could say anything concerning dating, it's to trust the process. Often, especially when we've gone through so many bad relationships, we get comfortable thinking there's nothing else out there for us. Someone once told me the way we carry ourselves is what we will attract, and what we speak can make or break the desires of our hearts. I never understood this until I sat and analyzed my past relationships.

I decided to do things differently. I begin to do it God's way. I sat one night in my room where my four-year-old daughter lay next to me and wrote a letter to God. In this letter, I was very specific about what I was looking for in a husband. At the end of the letter, I expressed that I also wanted a man who he thought was best for me. I began to prepare to be a wife by fasting, praying, and doing monthly devotionals. During this whole time, I never said I was single, but I had in my mind I was preparing, and my husband was coming. I began to speak these things out loud in the mirror to myself. I told myself I was going to step out of my comfort zone and see what was out there. I never imagined meeting my husband on a dating app, but I did. In this process, I was celibate. I was very strong in holding myself until I met the person I was going to marry. Yes, it was years; yes, it was hard; yes, there were tears shed; yes, I often wondered if he would ever come. However, I was consistent, and I had faith that what I wrote in that letter would come to pass. Most of all, I was patient.

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