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Building community through compassion, connection, and support.

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Anika Tillery, LMSW, M.S.


Anika, Founder of Our Writings On The Wall, Inc., fiercely believes that the responsibility to address the epidemic of rape and intimate partner violence is a collective one for healing and education. Through programming, workshops, and coaching sessions, Anika works to partner with churches, educational settings (JHS/HS/college), community and advocacy centers, women's shelters, and more to bring healing spaces to survivors. In her professional experience and partnerships, Anika has experienced how sexual violence and intimate partner violence have contributed to families becoming involved in the child welfare system, impacted their mental health and experiences with the healthcare system and the legal system.  

As a survivor of rape at the age of 14 years old, Anika vividly recalls the first time that she felt "normal" was because she learned that her trauma responses were normal. That invaluable experience was the catalyst for O-WOW to build a community to support survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence, to educate adolescents on healthy relationships, and to shift the culture around violence against women and children. Anika believes her Godly purpose, education and training, and personal experiences have equipped her for the work to provide services for survivors. She believes survivors do not owe us their stories, so we must consider hearing their truths a privilege. More than creating space, when we hold space for survivors, we allow them to take whatever space they need to process and heal. Anika holds a masters degree in social work and a New York State license in Social Work, a masters in Psychology and Social Change, a certificate in Violence Against Women and Children, and is a Certified Trauma Professional.

Alexia Doumbouya, MSL

Black Maternal Health Ambassador

Alexia, Founder and President of, holds a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and is certified in Mental Health Awareness and as a Postpartum Doula. Alexia has appeared on various domestic and international platforms like iHeart Media; and quoted by CNN and the CDC, to name a few. She is a change-maker and leading voice on social determinants of health. As a collaborator, Alexia communicates effectively across differences. She offers specialized training for birth workers, doulas, midwives, and medical practitioners. She is an unwavering advocate for healthy babies during the critical first months to five years of life. Alexia empowers mothers and plans healthy solutions with them, not for them. She also launched International Coco Mom Day, making her cause global. 


Having serviced over 2500 mothers and families, Alexia combines passion with purpose and recognizes that education is critical for African American mothers and individuals working in systems that impact their lives. She is a sought-after subject matter expert on Black Maternal Health, health equity, and childhood milestones. Alexia educates mothers on tools and resources, including the CDC Act Early initiative that tracks milestones children should reach between birth and five years old. Alexia and her team embrace the idea that it takes a village because no pregnant woman or mother should feel or be alone.



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