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Building Community to Support, Educate,  and Empower

Past Events


Mental Health Awareness First Annual Conference

Testimony: "The conference was phenomenally successful, important, and needed. The open door to the start of someone's healing and deliverance. I can go on and on. This was amazing." -T. Jenkins

Virtual Writing Workshop

Testimony: "The exercises that we did together were simple but powerful.From the first class, she was able to coax the reluctant writer in me out of hiding. So grateful for this safe space to work on finding my voice." -Valerie L.

Church Workshop

Testimony: "This workshop was great. We have to have conversations like this. We didn't talk about this when I was kid, but now I have more information to talk to my grandkids." -Anonymous

Mental Health Awareness Second Annual Conference

Testimony: "I requested to leave work early so that I could stay for the conference because that's how powerful it was and the spirit of God allowed for healing just in this meeting alone. Absolutely amazing." -D. T. 

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