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Building community through compassion, connection, and support.

Services We Provide

Empowerment Programs for Commuity Centers, Churches, Schools, Women/Family Shelters, Advocacy Centers, and both nonprofit and for profit organizations. 

You're Not to Blame

Workshops to support survivors if intimate partner violence unpack the cycle of control while also understanding that they are not to blame for the abuse their current or former partner inflicted. This workshop will empower each participant to sever the power of IPV and take back control of their narrative. 

One to three-session curriculum based on your organizations needs.


Workshops supporting survivors process the impacts of sexual violence in their life and empower them to reclaim their voice and feel safe again through group work and spoken word. Healing is a process and is restorative. This workshop will empower each participant to be R.E.L.E.A.S.E.D.

One to three-session curriculum based on your organizations needs.

Services We Provide

Education Workshops for Junior High/High Schools, Colleges/Universities, and community engagement programs.

Understanding Consent 

Workshop sessions explores sexual violence for the purpose of understanding consent, respecting safety, and encouraging body autonomy where youth feel empowered to say if and when another person can touch them. From early education of adolescents, to dynamics of adulthood, the workshops aim to explore violence against women normalized in media and culture, misogynistic language, and healthy defining of male hood. 

One to three-session curriculum based on your schools needs.

Creating a Safe Space

Workshop sessions to provide psycho-education about sexual violence and the impact of trauma while supporting student's capacity to support their peers and strengthen the culture of respect on campus. One goal to develop an Upstander program with the students and faculty to support female students who feel unsafe or afraid to walk home. 

One to three-session curriculum based on your schools needs.

Healthy Relationships

Workshop sessions will explore the dynamics of unhealthy relationships, intimate partner violence, the signs of controlling and jealous behaviors, characteristics of healthy romantic relationships and friendships, and how to ask for help when afraid or being harmed.

One to three-session curriculum based on your schools needs.

Services We Provide

Coaching Sessions

Reclaiming Your Voice

Three-week coaching sessions encorporating the art of spoken word to allow the participant to express their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgement. The sessions will explore

*The power of voice

*Elevating my voice by addressing issues of trauma and inception of loss of power

*Taking authority to speak in spaces where the participant may have felt unseen or silenced

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Three-week coaching session to identify the inception of negative thinking and the impact to identity, self-esteem, and self-worth. The pressures to be "perfect" are perpetuated in social media, magazines, television, and movies. Each session will combat those ideas and empower the participant to overcome it.

Treasures of Singlehood

Three-week coaching sessions to dispel the myths of singlehood while embracing the treasures it offers. Topics will include 

*Becoming comfortable with your own company

*Exploring parts of identity that hold you back 

*Unpacking experiences that have impacted other relationships

*Identifying healthy desires for a relationship

*Owning the choice of when to enter a healthy relationship 

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