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Building community through compassion, connection, and support.

Why Choose O-WOW

We can't do this work without survivors sharing their truth and the community coming together to learn and heal. We welcome your thoughts on what Our Writings On The Wall, Inc. is doing. Please feel free to use the form below to share with us.


"Our Writings on the Wall creates a safe space for women to share their truth. There is no judgement, all love and community. They give women a chance to break free and be open to not just the world, but to themselves." 


"This has helped me so much, you have no idea. Love you and can't wait until the next event."


"Sissssss, amazing work!!! I enjoyed it, especially the breakout rooms and all of the info. Thank you, sis." 


"You are bringing a healthy healing that many didn't or don't know they need. An open door to hear our own voices and grow into being! Just being! That's FREEDOM!!!"

R.E.L.E.A.S.E.D. Workshop

Participant Anonymous Feedback


"I was the first to do the activity because I was ready to release that thing out of my life."


"A lot happened in my home when I was a child. I was raped at 12, but we weren't allowed to talk about it. I saw so much."


"Back then we didn't talk about when a family member touched you. Now, we can't just stay quiet about it."


"When I told my mom what he did to me, she became angry with me. When I tried to tell her again, its like she felt like I messed up the family."


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