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Testimonials and Event Feedback

You are bringing a healthy healing that many didn't or don't know they need. An open door to hear our own voices and grow into being! Just being! That's FREEDOM!! -

       -Tonia, The Bronx

Our Writings on the Wall creates a safe space for women to share their truth. There is no judgement, all love and community. They give women a chance to break free and be open to not just the world, but to themselves. 

-Shané, New Jersey

O-WOW's Annual Virtual Conference  

Releasing Our Suffocated Words: Holding Space

- Taking Space

on October 10, 2022

Participant Feedback

"The conference was phenomenally successful, important, and needed. The open door to the start of someone's healing and deliverance. I can go on and on. This was amazing." -Tonia J.

"This has helped me so much, you have no idea. Love you and can't wait until the next event." -Dominique B.

"Sissssss, amazing work!!! I enjoyed it, especially the breakout rooms and all of the info. Thank you, sis." -Tania A.

Participant Feedback

"I have already recommended this workshop to someone, and I believe that it will be time well spent for anyone who decides to take it.  The exercises that we did together were simple but powerful. The facilitator was knowledgeable, encouraging, and a joy to work with. From the first class, she was able to coax the reluctant writer in me out of hiding. So grateful for this safe place to work on finding my voice." -Valerie L.

"A lot happened in my home when I was a child. I was raped at 12, but we weren't allowed to talk about it. I saw so much." - Anonymous

"I was the first to do the activity because I was ready to release that thing out of my life." -Anonymous

"This workshop was great. We have to have conversations like this. We didn't talk about this when I was a kid, but now I have more information to talk to my grandkids about." -Anonymous


"This conversation is just the beginning." - Anonymous

"Back then we didn't talk about when a family member touched you. Now, we can't just stay quiet about it." - Anonymous


"When I told my mom what he did to me, she became angry with me. When I tried to tell her again, its like she felt like I messed up the family." - Anonymous

"This workshop was amazing. Such great information." - Anonymous

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