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Healing is not a scheduled trip you can just pack an overnight bag for, it takes time and offers a moment to rest. At O-WOW, our goals are for participants to:

  • Become familiar with the impacts of sexual trauma and intimate partner violence on their functioning.

  • Apply knowledge learned in workshops and curriculums to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and self-blame. 

  • Empathize with other participants to encourage a process of healing and empowerment.

  • Appreciate the arts as a method to rediscover, reclaim, and amplify their voices through poetry, storytelling, and a community to heal and take ownership of their freed selves.

  • Identify community partners to increase awareness and promote a culture shift around violence against women and girls by raising awareness of adolescents, from early to late stage, about sexual and dating violence, consent, intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, and emotional regulation to support communication.

  • Consider biblical scriptures to support their healing journey.

Our Goals 

To empower survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence to heal and take ownership of their

stories, to educate adolescents on healthy relationships, and to shift the culture around violence against women and girls.

Our Mission

Healing is the other side of your trauma. There is another chapter to your story, and shame isn’t your burden to carry. 

Our Motto

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